"Go put your dress on,"

my mom said as she quickly finished fixing her hair. The stress in her voice and the shimmer of sweat on her face as she powdered her nose one more time wasn't making my 8-year-old self very excited about getting family pictures made.

We all rushed out the door. Don't mess up your hair. Don't get anything on your clothes. You better do what the photographer says when we get there. You better smile.

We arrived at the studio. The photographer told us where to sit. How to sit. back straight. Chin up. Not that much. Turn this way a little. Ok now smile. Keep smiling. Don't move. Lift your chin up some more. Smile. Bigger smile. Not that much.

Why can't this be fun? I thought.

I'm Jackie, and I haven't always wanted to be a photographer. I started my adult life with a career as an elementary school teacher. I love kids, so I thought it would be perfect for me. I soon came to realize that the job was more about lessons and tests and rules than it was about having fun with the kids.

In 2015 I bought a camera. After learning how to use it, I began thinking...

What if I COULD just have fun and play with the kids? What if family photos didn't have to be stressful or boring?

After years of practicing and learning, Jackie Murray Photography went full time in January of 2020. As a child and family photographer, it is my goal for photoshoots to be enjoyable, for parents to be relaxed, and for the kids to have fun - all while I capture some genuine emotion and memories!

It's the laughter of a toddler when I tell them to run through a field or tickle dad's beard.

It's the huge grin sister has when I tell her to check brother's nose for boogers.

It's the look of relief on dad's face when he tells me the session went so much better than he thought it would.

It's the happy tear rolling down mom's face when she sees the images for the first time.

This is why I do what I do, and if you feel that I'm the right photographer for your family, I'd love to give you a fun, memorable experience!



“We have absolutely loved working with Jackie! She has taken pictures of our children that we know will be treasured for years to come. She is so talented and she is wonderful to work with - kind, accommodating, patient, and professional. We could not ask for a better photographer to capture our children's personalities and this season for our family.”